Dr. Rob's Fat & Liver Cleanse Shake - Vanilla

This is Dr. Rob's favorite shake designed to support the removal of toxins from the liver, fat and cells of the body. Dr. Rob has put 1,000s of patients though his Liver Fat Cleanse Program, which this product is part of.

Customer Reviews

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George Kraljevich
My liver is happy

This fat and liver flush is really amazing. We've been using this with obvious results. Next step is detoxing.

Juhi Jain
Chronic constipation

2 days on this and I had chronic constipation to the point that my dormant hameorrhoids came back. There was a lot of burning and bleeding. Was in too much pain. They say you can have constipation but this is another level of constipation.
I can deal with the chalky/ muddy taste but this amount of pain is not acceptable.

Erica Drasche
Amazing product

I love this shake! I did the cleanse which was great. I enjoyed it to much that I ordered it again and take it first thing in the morning and it completely wakes me up!

Maria Maine
Simple to implement

This product was super helpful in my treatment plan. Saw the most results with this product. Provided vitamins & minerals that my body was lacking.

Kevin Long

It was helpful in my weight loss.

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